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PROMOTIONAl & events

Lister's Brewery - Crowdfunding PARt THREE

The latest crowdfunding video for the brewery illustrating how they plan to further expand their operation. 

Drone filming by

The Iron Lady - Bradwell Blacksmiths

Promotional video for Natalie Bradwell - The Iron Lady Blacksmiths, based in Patching, West Sussex.

Invite Events

Short promotional video for Invite Events who provide DJ and lighting and equipment services to enhance weddings and events.

Fun Trick Dog Training

Business owner Kathleen Tepperies demonstrates her dog training methods in this brief overview of her business.

Identity Destruction - Uniform ShreddinG

Old branded uniforms can pose a security risk if they fall into the wrong hands - Identity Destruction has the solution...

The Nursery Family

Walkthrough video highlighting the facilities at Lancing Nursery - one of the six nurseries run by The Nursery Family, West Sussex.

Arundel Brewfest

Highlights of the Arundel Brewfest held at the Brewhouse Project, West Sussex.

Outrun Cancer Charity Run
Highlights of the Arundel charity run organised by Cancer United.


Help at Hand InterviewS

Short interview montage of three health professionals handling Social Prescribing who use the Help at Hand online platform. 

Produced in association with Patientcards Ltd,

Interventional Cardiologist Interview

Interview with Prof. Dr Felix Mahfoud, an Interventional Cardiologist.

Produced in association with Andrew Kellard Associates Ltd,

Lister's Brewery - Q&A

Phil Waite (co-Founder and Head Brewer) answers questions about the history of business and what they produce.

Drone filming by

BWE InterviewS 

Interviews of members of The Association for British Working Equitation.


Identity Destruction - Shredinator Advert

A 30 second video advert using live action and motion graphics - created to accompany a radio ad produced for Identity Destruction - a shredding company based in Chichester, West Sussex.

3D animation by John Svanberg -

The Local Spokesman
Online advert for a local cycle service and repair business based in Pagham, West Sussex.
Listers Dog Treat Advert

Online advert for dog treats made from spent barley.


Lister's Brewery - Crowdfunding Part 2

A second crowdfunding video illustrating how Lister's Brewery in Patching, West Sussex plans to expand their operation.

Drone filming by

Identity Destruction - Feltham Branch Opening

A short promotional video for the opening of Identity Destruction’s new Feltham Branch.

The Association for British Working Equitation 

Short overview of the association and how it functions within competitive equine sport.


Short video showing the Aqua Pool facility located near Westergate, West Sussex, for dog fitness and rehabilitation.

The Iron Lady - Bradwell Blacksmiths (TIG Welding Course)

Promotional video for Blacksmiths based in Sussex. TIG welding courses for everyone. Dudley tries his hand in this short video.

BWE Interview Outtakes

Outtakes from some of the participant interviews.

Zigtagz Tagging System

The Zigtagz tagging system which allows the owner to locate their possessions if found by someone.

Produced in association with Andrew Kellard
Associates Ltd,

Zigtagz - How to use

A How to use video for the Zigtagz tagging system which allows the owner to locate their possessions if found by someone.

Produced in association with Andrew Kellard
Associates Ltd,

St Austell Healthcare

Short compilation showing exercise routines, surgery visits and mindfulness techniques by the Social Prescribing team at St Austell Healthcare for shielding patients during social isolation.
Produced in association with Andrew Kellard
Associates Ltd,

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